I should have mentioned earlier Maggie Jamison's review of Panverse One over at the revitalized Tangent Online. It's great to see TO up and about. Hopefully it will thrive. Dave Truesdale tells me he has a bunch of reviewers lined up from around the globe, which should provide a broad array of backgrounds and opinions.

Meanwhile, it looks like we'll be bidding a sad farewell to The Internet Review of Science Fiction. It's a shame, because I've really enjoyed IRoSF. Further, if Lois Tilton's online fiction review column doesn't find a new home, it will be a real loss to the SF market. There just aren't that many places that are reviewing the non-print publications anymore. Which is doubly strange, since the number of pro-rate online pubs is growing steadily, despite the loss of Jim Baen's Universe.

Back on a Tangent Soon

After a long quiescence and a near-fatal loss of a Web host, Tangent Online is set to return soon. While The Fix has done a fine job of helping to pick up the slack in the area of short fiction SF reviews, TO has a fourteen-year history in the game and there's plenty of room for more.

It would have been a shame to lose TO. Apparently, I'm not the only one who thought so. When Dave Truesdale put out the call, looking for a hosting angel, I know at least two people stepped up. I know that because one of them was me. By the time I asked for details, though, Dave told me someone had already stepped up to the plate. It's getting converted to a new CMS, getting a facelift, and preparing to re-emerge.

If you write SF short fiction reviews, get in touch with Dave Truesdale. He'll be making a formal call for reviewers before too long, but it doesn't hurt to get a jump on things.