So two Simon and Garfunkel tunes slammed into a song by Bread at a bad intersection in the left half of my brain. The result was a story called "The Long Happy Death of Oxford Brown" which, I just found out, is going to be appearing in a future issue of Asimov's. I know I'm only like the zillionth writer to mentioning drawing inspiration from music, but so far The Alan Parsons Project, Kansas, and Yes, in addition to the two mentioned above, have contributed inspiration to my stories.

My novelette THE LONG FALL is going to appear in the September edition of the Grantville Gazette. If you haven't heard, The Gazette has added a new section called "Universe Annex" for stories that aren't related to Eric Flint's 1632 universe. It sort of picks up where Jim Baen's Universe left off. It works the same way The Gazette does, all submissions go through the slush forum for comments and critique, then the editors pluck the publishable stories from there. Fellow Baen's Barfly Robert Ortega has a nice story called SUMMERLAND RENTALS up there now. Check it out.

For those of you who remember my short story JOHNNY PLAYS 'ROUND SATURN'S RINGS, which appeared in Jim Baen's Universe, THE LONG FALL is another story featuring the character Mi. In fact, it's essentially her origin story.