What They're Saying About THE HERETIC

"High-speed action and technical wizardry make THE HERETIC a cyber thrill ride you won't want to end. It'll leave you wondering just how virtual your own reality is."

Fred Willard, author of Down on Ponce & Princess Naughty and the Voodoo Cadillac

"Jason Chapman has put together a phenomenal proposition that crosses every genre from crime to romance. Mixing a little Clancy style with cyber adventure, it's truly a blast for anyone."

Danielle Thorne, A Grain of Salt

"Chapman's cyber-thriller will make even the non-computer literate stop for a virtual 'reality-check.' In an age based on information, you'll have to wonder how much of your own world is truth and how much is just a smoky reflection of some hi-tech illusionary fiction."

Ace Starry, author of The Magic Life

"A prescient view of a future in which cybercriminals dominate the computer security industry. I read Heretic straight through."

Carolyn Meinel, author "How Hackers Break in and How they Are Caught," Scientific American, Oct. 1998.

Fan Mail comments:

"I haven't been as wrapped up in a tale since my Gibson days."

"It was very fast paced and totaly kept my interest the whole way through. I kept telling my self that this was 'movie material'"

"... I loved it; read the thing in one sitting, not a dull moment."

"... the best book i have read in a long time."

"Congratulations on a great book."


by Jason K. Chapman
Publisher: FirstPublish, Inc. 11/2000
ISBN: 1-929925-38-7

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