Panverse One Anthology News

I've received my copies of the new Panverse One anthology, in which my story "The Singers of Rhodes" appears, and it looks fantastic. I think Dario Ciriello, the editor, really hit this one out of the park. Many have remarked that the novella is the perfect length for science fiction, but they can be difficult to sell. There just aren't enough markets willing to play in the 18k-70k word range. Panverse Publishing is trying to help with that by producing a series of original anthologies dedicated to the novella length while also holding up story and SF's famed "sense of wonder" as high values. As the marketing tag line says: "Wonder. Story. They're back."

Panverse One is currently available from Panverse Publishing's site right now, and should be showing up on Amazon in the next few days.

There's a Facebook group for it and nice things are already being said about the book.