web development

My Hands are Famous

At last, the Drupal-ization of the site is complete. Well, it's as true as that statement can ever be. There are tweaks and tune-ups galore to do, but it's complete enough to take it live. I'm still deciding whether or not I want to write a custom module for displaying online edition of The Heretic. It needs to handle keeping track of structure, the way the book module does, but I'd really like to construct some kind of auto-paging hook so that I can do formatting in the way I did with pageview.pl. For now, though, I just updated (am updating) the pageview template to fit the rest of the site.

Opera Mini 4.1

I've just installed Opera Mini on my BlackBerry Curve, and I have to say it just flat out rocks! Dumpeth thy browser, BlackBerrians. Opera Mini 4.1 is the only way to go. It makes the included browser look like crayons and construction paper.

You can download it OTA at www.operamini.com