Nebula Award Winners

Congratulations to Kij Johnson, Eugie Foster, Kage Baker, Paolo Bacigalupi, and the other winners and nominees. The complete list of winners is available on SFWA's Nebula announcement. has a list of winners with the nominees. This was an interesting year in Neb nominations, with overall some really tough choices. There were so many really good stories nominated in every category that there were no easy votes.

One interesting note is where the nominated fiction came from. Asimov's was well represented: two short stories, two novelettes, and a novella. F&SF, though, had just one novelette and one novella, and Analog was absent from the list. Anthologies contributed nicely, including Clockwork Phoenix 2 from Norilana Books, I Remember the Future from Apex Publications, and Fast Forward 2 from Pyr Books. Then there was Interzone, which published two nominees, one of which won.

I haven't compared past lists, but it feels like the venues are getting broader and more diverse, as if the audience is scattering into broader interest and the publications are spreading out to follow. If so, I can't believe it's a bad thing for SF; for writers, readers, or publishers.