More Drupal-fu at

The latest additions include a fully-themeable module that lets users select deadlined content for reminder e-mails. On the admin side, the module can be applied to any content type that has a date field. The default e-mail template can be overridden on a content-type basis, as well as theme hooks to override the node title and sort order. We needed that because our database of writing contests actually presents the title as one content field and the node title combined.

Users can select a variety of timings for the reminders, such as "weekly until the deadline" or "one week before the deadline". You can see an example at The "Set Reminder" link is provided for each content type selected in the reminders admin form. The interface uses jquery slickness which gracefully degrades to a separate page form.

We also have a template-based mod for views with exposed filters that allows users to quickly select how many items to show per page. A mini-module stores the user's preferences for each page with the account, so logged-in users get the same default for each individual page on every visit.

On the content end, we now have a searchable database of MFA programs in creative writing (yes, you can set e-mail reminders on the application deadline), a terriffic PDF supplement ($4.99) called The Poets & Writers Guide to MFA Programs, an online version of Seth Abramson's article "The Top Fifty MFA Programs in the United States: A Comprehensive Guide" (with abbreviated ranking tables), a new expanded What's New page, and a whole lot more.