THE HERETIC Goes Out of Print

First Publish, the company that produced the paper edition of The Heretic, has decided to cease operations. Sadly, that means that the book is, at least temporarily, out of print.

While the online edition will continue to be available through the Happy Hacker Web site, there is still continuing demand for the paper edition. Be patient. One way or another, The Heretic will once again be available on paper in the not-too-distant future.

First Publish's demise was rather sudden, and left no time to either make alternate plans or stock up. That means it could be several months before a new paper edition is available. It takes a while to go from a standing start to a finished book.

Those of you who want to be notified when the new edition becomes available should sign up for the email announcement list. Word will go out just as soon as something is finalized. If you had an outstanding order and have not yet been notified, please email me the details and I'll take care of it.

I want to thank everyone for your continuing support. You've made The Heretic a huge success both online and on paper. I really appreciate those who have gone out of their way to let me know how much they liked the book, and frankly the sales of the paper edition have amazed me. I hope that when the sequel, Council of Shadows, is finished, your support will continue.