Asimov's Author Copies

Woot! I got my author copies of the October/November Asimov's today. When I saw the listing for "This Petty Pace" in the TOC, I flashed back to a thirteen-year-old me holding the then-current issue in his hands and thinking "Some day...." Well, it's been a long, weird road from there/then to here/now, but yes, it's just as good a feeling as I thought it would be.

Rock isn't dead after all!

I caught Ponywhip at a free show in the neighborhood yesterday. Awesome sound! Just good ol' butt-kicking rock. Benatar-esque vocals (early, pre-popish Benatar, that is), but gutsier. They did an interesting cover of Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is".

Do yourself a favor and give a listen to their debut EP.

I just got word from Neil over at Clarkesworld Magazine that my short story "The Architect of Heaven" will be appearing in the May issue. Once again, I'll be ToC-mates with Cat Rambo. Neat, huh? Last time, my story "Brief Candle" appeared with her story "The Mermaids Singing Each to Each" back in the November 2009 issue.

I should mention that, if you prefer to read on a reader device (as do I), instead of the Web, Clarkesworld is available by subscription from Weightless Books, along with Bullspec, Lightspeed, and others. Weightless appears to be filling the void left when Fictionwise stopped doing magazine subscriptions, signing up small press and Web-based magazines and handling e-fulfillment. It's not quite as convenient as a nook or Kindle sub, in that it doesn't just appear on your device, but neither did Fictionwise subs, and I did those for years.

I have no idea how successful Weightless is for the publishers, or what the deal is on sharing subscriber information, but more outlets are better. Period. Also, Weightless is using the standard "buy it all at once" subscription model, as opposed to the "pay per issue" model. So I'll add that more business models are better, too. Choice and diversity are the only real way to see what the market wants.

Short Story Sale to Asimov's

I don't know when it's going to run yet, but my short story "This Petty Pace" has sold to Asimov's. I'm trying not to act all newbie by freaking out, but getting into Asimov's is something I've been wanting to do for a while. So far [omgomgomgomg!], I've been managing to maintain my [yee-FREAKIN'-haaa!] decorum, I think.